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From MarketWatch:

I took Social Security at 62 and now regret it. Is there a way to increase my Social Security benefit?: When you decide to claim your Social Security benefit makes a huge, lasting impression – and oftentimes, it’s permanent

I want to protect my house from Medicaid estate recovery – what should I do?: The rules around assets and benefits can be confusing, but consider this to make the most of what you have. 

We want to retire to a place with lots of cultural activities, a beach and a major airport. Our budget is $4,000–$5,500 a month, including rent – so where should we look?: Have some specific ideas in mind for where to live in retirement, but not sure where to go? Ask MarketWatch. 

Also on MarketWatch:

Should retirees invest in emerging markets

Aging in place is even harder in small towns or rural areas 

I’m 68, my husband is terminally ill, and his $3 million estate will go to his son. I want to spend the rest of my days traveling – will I have enough money? 

This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and talk about money instead

How to profit from your losses on those ‘Cathie Wood’ stocks

Here’s how to plan a ‘roving retirement’ in Europe – plus a sample itinerary 

How will Medicare and Medicaid fill the widening gaps in the long-term care system? 

More in retirement news:

You got richer during the pandemic. Early retirement is still risky (The Wall Street Journal

How much I made job-hopping as a software engineer to retire at 30 (Business Insider

TN active adult retirement communities sees huge enrollment increase, as retirees flock to state (WBIR

Before you apply for retirement benefits: What to know (Washington Times-Herald)

Shaun White’s retirement made his legacy clear (The Washington Post)

Research and Insight:

New study shows how logging on to the Social Security Site will benefit you (GOBankingRates)

Individuals feeling more urgency around planning for the future (PlanSponsor)

Study cites difference between leaving work and retiring completely (FEDweek)

Financial education in high school doesn’t impact retirement savings in adulthood (401K Specialist

Social Security info is eye-opening (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

They’re saving sea turtles, fighting Alzeimer’s and giving away billions – and they’re over 60

You changed jobs as part of the Great Resignation. Now what happens with your 401(k)? 

Congress just proved that bipartisan action is still possible on healthcare 

A little financial knowledge and the right tools can help you manage your own wealth 

How much can online tools ease Social Security’s workload? 

5 popular financial rules you might want to ditch 

I’m done with Illinois! I want to retire in a small town in a neighboring state – so where should I go? 

More than one-third of Americans say they’ve never had a retirement account

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